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Freeload: Daleduro, “Bombon Asesino”

February 05, 2008

When Shawn Reynaldo of Double Negative records (responsible for releasing an album from folkie jamstress Emily Jane White, who we profiled in F51) let us know that he and Oro11 were starting a label called Bersa Discos entirely devoted to experimental bedroom cumbia, we were pretty psyched (ha! Get it?). Below you can check out Daleduro's "Bombon Asesino" from the first EP, which pairs spry accordion with truncated laser blops, and a bouncy rhythm that for some reason reminds us of this. To celebrate the release of their first 12", Reynaldo and Oro11 are joined by Paul Devro this friday for the third in their Tormenta Tropical parties at The Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco.

Freeload: Daleduro, "Bombon Asesino" (right click, save as)

Posted: February 05, 2008
Freeload: Daleduro, “Bombon Asesino”