Stylee Fridays: Zachary’s Smile White Label

June 06, 2008

We've been wearing a lot of pants recently—pleated ones, high-waisted ones, cropped ones that make for a lovely game of ankle peekaboo (yes this works for dudes too!). One day last week though, while passing downtown store Zachary's Smile—their window a literal explosion of African print—the thought crossed our minds that maybe we should reevaluate our wardrobe altogether, burn all our pants and roam around this summer in brightly printed numbers instead. Sod pants forever! Zachary's Smile White Label is a line the store launched late last year, and the new printed dresses are made from fabric exclusively from the Ivory Coast. There is an endless choice of prints—from hot and tropical florals to a particularly fetching heart print—in a limited fabric run with something to tickle pretty much any girl's fancy. The lovely Kendra Smalter, operations manager for Z's Smile, modeled one of our favorite styles, the "Femi," a strapless dress with a clever selvedge edge on the pockets. As Kendra explained, the store started out making one-of-a-kind dresses paneled with vintage scarves. Called Remake/Remodel, the dresses were a bestseller at Barney's, and the new White Label series is a higher-end extension for the boutique. And because planning ahead is so vital, Kendra was also kind enough to take a trip down to the basement, and give us a cheeky glimpse of White Label Fall '08. She resurfaced with what will be the store's darker take on vintage—awesome limited-edition leather jackets, including classic snug-fitting bombers made from vintage leather with all the original stitching left intact.

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: June 06, 2008
Stylee Fridays: Zachary’s Smile White Label