Freeload: Tity Boi, Trap-a-velli mixtape

January 06, 2009

We've held a special place in our heart for Playaz Circle's
Tity Boi ever since he appeared in I-20's "Fightin' in the Club" video in a Polar Bear fur-white mink coat and matching white jeans (walk into the North Pole, Honey, I'm home?). Having killed plenty of guest verses in the interim, Tity's solo aspirations took a back seat when the other half of the Circle, Dolla, was released from jail. This tape kind of appeared out of nowhere, but it's duffle-bag stuffing music if we ever heard it, and the first track features the Juice Man! (via dirtyglovebastard)

Download: Tity Boi, Trap-a-velli mixtape

Posted: January 06, 2009
Freeload: Tity Boi, Trap-a-velli mixtape