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Freeload: Noreaga, “NY Groove”

January 07, 2009

Back in August we told you that Noreaga's web game was on point, and between his weight loss contest with Busta, the continuous video blogs and poetic Twitter updates ("Yoooo what it good be y'all I'm so focused feeling fresh good got Muslim oil on my sean john cologne and I'm just feeling marverlous"), it looks like the superthug will be running the internet by dinner time. Aside from branding himself, Nore continues to make music in the form of KISS-sampling "NY Groove" which is exactly what you'd imagine: an infectiously joyful pro-New York anthem that very few rappers (with the exception of Cam, Juelz, and, uh, Nore himself) can pull off. Our plan is to quote the line, "my city a iPhone, your city a Sidekick" until the iPhone becomes obsolete, or until everyone calls us assholes.

Download: Noreaga, "NY Groove" (via 57th Ave)

Posted: January 07, 2009
Freeload: Noreaga, “NY Groove”