Freeload: Peter Bjorn & John, “Nothing To Worry About”

January 07, 2009

If Kanye, who premiered this, is to be believed, this new Peter Bjorn & John song IS DOPE!! DRUMS ARE CRAZY AND I LIKE THE KIDS ON THE HOOK. THERE NEW ALBUM IS CALLED "LIVING THING" ..... WITH ALL THAT SAID I DON'T KNOW THE NAME OF THE SONG... LOL!!!... I'M GONNA ASSUME IT'S CALLED, "NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT." We can't say much for the kids on the hook, but the drums are pretty crazy. And in combination with the previously video'd "Hey Shut The Fuck Up, Boy", PB & J's new album is shaping up to be one of the albums to get all excited about for the spring. As far as Kanye's assumption on the song title, we can't confirm, but we can say assuming the other song was called "Hey Shut The Fuck Up, Boy" made an ass out of us and the internet because it is now officially called "Lay It Down" and is available at the band's website.

Download: Peter Bjorn & John, "Nothing To Worry About"

Download: Peter Bjorn & John, "Lay It Down" (email required)

Posted: January 07, 2009
Freeload: Peter Bjorn & John, “Nothing To Worry About”