Video: Michael Phelps Beats Warren Sapp in Swim Race Young Jeezy Refs

January 07, 2009

If you're like us, the last few days of work and reality haven't dampened your New Year's spirit, and party stories around the watercooler are still pretty lively: "Yeah, I threw up AND THEN went to sleep!" Well, while we were paying dearly for drinking too much cheap liquor, the rich and fabulous were drinking too much and racing each other in Miami hotel pools. The title kind of says it all, but this video is the best proof we've seen yet that the recession just isn't going to affect some people like it does others, and god bless them for that. After the jump, read our anonymous tipster's epic retelling of this Battle of the Stars, and then watch the actual footage here. 2009: The Year of Miracles.

I went to hang out at the pool at the Gansevoort hotel yesterday w/ a
few friends. As we are walking to find lounge chairs we pass by Warren
Sapp in a cabana. He was wastedddd. We said what's up and he had
recognized me from New Years eve and tells us come take shots. After a
while we are all trashed. Since he was hanging out w/ all Jews, we
nicknamed him Warren Sapperstein and he loved it! Next thing I know Michale Phelps walks by w/ his
Asian girlfriend and sits in the cabana across from us. At this point
Sapp is bombed and talking shit to Phelps. Screaming at him, calling him
a dork, etc. Then Sapperstein stands up and challenges Phelps to a
swimming race.? It was the funniest thing I have ever heard. "I think I
can beat you let's go right now" So Phelps says OK. They both jump
in..whoever was in the pool got out and everyone is standing around the
ledge watching. Phelps agrees to give Sapp a half pool head start. This
older guy starts going around saying he is taking bets...who wants
action? Right before the race is going to start, Young Jeezy comes
running over, "I got my money on Michael man" Sapp dives in from almost
3/4 of the way down and Phelps beats him by a stroke. Sapp then goes
"Fuck, again I finished 2nd!" (in reference to losing in Dancing w/ the
Stars). I then said "Have a danceoff". Sapp goes nah get me a football
I'll beat his ass in that. After Phelps got out of the pool I couldn't
resist showing him a pic I had on my phone of me on haloween dressed up
as him. He laughed. On our way out my boy goes up to Young Jeezy and
tells him we have the race recorded and he is going to put it on
youtube. Jeezy goes make sure you don't edit me out, I want Warren to
know I would never bet on him. I had Phelps man, you heard me. Then
tells me to email him the video at _____. Go give me a Jeezy
"Yeaaaaaaa" and I'll email you so he did it. It was hysterical.

Posted: January 07, 2009
Video: Michael Phelps Beats Warren Sapp in Swim Race Young Jeezy Refs