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Freeload: Abe Vigoda, “Don’t Lie”

January 08, 2009

Listen to Michael Vidal say the word "sky" thirty-three seconds into this song. He sounds so throaty and dramatic! It's awesome! There was never such dense pressure coming out of his mouth on Abe Vigoda's monumental summer jam album Skeleton. They haven't lost any of that speed-buzz on their new EP, Reviver, but they've moved some of that tropic love into the darkness. Not that sounding slower and more serious makes you sound older and more mature (in music or life, whatever) but this is a marker of an expansion of Abe Vigoda into the nether realms of their musical desires. Listen to the bass at the end of the song. Wall of noise + Bauhaus bass + sliced throat singing + funeral snare = the warped Abe Vigoda of the future.

Download: Abe Vigoda, "Don't Lie"

Posted: January 08, 2009
Freeload: Abe Vigoda, “Don’t Lie”