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Freeload: Phosphorescent, “Reasons to Quit”

January 08, 2009

Make no mistake, For Willie, Phosphorescent's all Willie Nelson covers album (out 2/3 on Dead Oceans) is less a disparate collection of songs, and more a series of eleven mega bummers in a row. The band drew from all over Nelson's career and then brought the songs together by making them way sadder than the originals. Are we willing to temporarily trade our happiness for album consistency? Sure, why not! We're not opposed to occasional bouts of music induced introspection. Download "Reasons to Quit" below, get melancholy for a few minutes and then listen to something happy to take the edge off.

Download: Phosphorescent, "Reasons to Quit"

Posted: January 08, 2009
Freeload: Phosphorescent, “Reasons to Quit”