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Wild Promo: Free Blood Heart Soap

January 09, 2009

Reaching into this package felt like pulling a bunch of lollipops from a dark piñata. But instead we pulled out a shrink wrapped, heart-shaped mess of organic castille soap with hints of blood orange, black pepper and rose hips handmade by noise pop duo Free Blood. Their note accompanying this unexpected treat:

In honor of the new year we have cooked up a fresh batch of lovingly made Free Blood Soap for your enjoyment and personal care! We cook up these soaps personally in our kitchen, infusing them with blood oranges and black pepper. It is evidence of our commitment to making sure our listeners emerge freshly scrubbed and gently scented after a long day of work or before a long night of play. Consider this a life-sized reminder of the tireless motor that keeps us true.

Posted: January 09, 2009
Wild Promo: Free Blood Heart Soap