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Lil Wayne’s Hip Hop Ponzi Scheme

January 12, 2009

Is Wayne's auto-tuned voice and unhinged mindstate the rap version of Bernie Madoff's friendly smile and upturned brow? Can this dude convince rutted superstar producers to reinvest in order to make himself rich? Judging by his most recent high-profile collaborations with Swizzy and Pharrell, the answer is yes. Swizz may not be venturing too far away from the Bronx bounce that made him a lot of money over the last few years, but the Space sample on "Up In The Club" is so cornily awesome you can't really fault him for trying. And on the just leaked "Yes" with Pharrell, Rockstar P strays intensely close to dubstep, as pointed out by our good buddy Catchdubs, with a little Bomb Squad thrown in for fun. We know, of course, that these beats were probably not made with Wayne attached, but maybe just Wayne's existence in the universe is making people want to do things they normally wouldn't.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Pharrell, "Yes"

Download: Lil Wayne f. Swizz Beatz, "Up In The Club"

Lil Wayne’s Hip Hop Ponzi Scheme