On the Street: Debbie Harry in Sprouse

January 15, 2009

Between the book/exhibit/LV collection we thought we'd had enough Stephen Sprouse to last us a lifetime. Then, last night, just in case we'd forgotten what all the fuss was about, we spotted a Sprouse-clad Debbie Harry (erstwhile neighbor and friend to Sprouse, who pretty much styled her every move from the very beginning) in day-glo sequined camo at the launch of The Stephen Sprouse Book like it was 1984 all over again. All that awesome, garish sparkle and color made us feel, well, kinda hopeful and that maybe the time was right to invite some technicolored gladrags back into our lives and closets. Now if we could only decide between the neon pink Louis/Sprouse statement bracelet and the graffiti splattered LV skate deck, our little hearts would be at peace forevermore.

From The Collection:

On The Street
Posted: January 15, 2009
On the Street: Debbie Harry in Sprouse