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Video: Young Jeezy, “My President”

January 16, 2009

That is John Lewis at the end of this video. Young Jeezy got John Lewis to be in his video! Can you imagine? We would like to launch a rocket into the sky that played this song. It would play it for the Gaza strip and play it for all of the mourning people in Oakland, California. We would like to go back in time and play it for Rodney King and play it for all of the people in Nigeria who have seen their resources depleted by Shell. We want to play it for all of the victims of the terrorist kidnappings in Mumbai. We want to play it for all the people in the United States who do not have adequate health care, who got weaseled into an unfair mortgage they couldn't afford. Young Jeezy cannot change any of these things, Barack Obama hopefully can help with some of them. But both of them can inspire grandiosity within men and women. "My president is black! My Lambo's blue!" Shit! If all of this is okay with John Lewis it is okay with us. On Tuesday, when Barack Obama is at work, we at FADER will be in the office and we are happy about that because we know so many people have lost their jobs. We are going to watch the inauguration on mute and play this song.

Special FADER/"My President" bonus: John Lewis screenshot after the jump for you to use as your Buddy Icon.

Posted: January 16, 2009
Video: Young Jeezy, “My President”