Freeload: Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, “AK-47”

January 22, 2009

It's no secret that certain FADER editors have been waiting for (Bitch, I'm) Mack Maine to realize his Freestyle 101 potential for some years now. Which is not to say that his stick-arounding-ness on Wayne's Young Money label isn't impressive in and of itself. It's just that we'd love to hear more of our Maine talking about leaving the "7-11 looking like 9/11" over what sounds like the score to an episode of the gone but not forgotten, Are You Afraid Of The Dark TV show. And what do we have here?

Download: Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, "AK-47"

Bonus: Mack Maine - This is Just a Mixtape

Posted: January 22, 2009
Freeload: Mack Maine f. Lil Wayne, “AK-47”