Freeload: Terror Danjah, “Zumpi Huntah” (Swindle Remix)

January 22, 2009

How did G-funk make it's way to the UK? Did a bunch of British dudes spend years sitting by their windows bumping The Chronic as they stared at the pouring rain outside? Whatever the genesis of the scene was, we're into it. Here's a remix of "Zumpi Huntah" by Swindle, originally from producer Terror Danjah, who we sort of know from his work with the often neglected, occasionally forgotten (sometimes rightly) F29 cover star Kano.

Edit: This is actually a remix by the nearly un-googleable Swindle

Download: Terror Danjah, "Zumpi Huntah" (Via Pinglewood)

Posted: January 22, 2009
Freeload: Terror Danjah, “Zumpi Huntah” (Swindle Remix)