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Exclusive Freeload: Yoñlu, “I Know What It’s Like”

January 26, 2009

Teenage Brazilian songwriter Yoñlu aka Vinicius Gageiro Marques is about to release his debut album A society in which no tear is shed… on Luaka Bop in April, and it is full of quietly epic little pop songs like this one. He follows pretty directly in the footsteps of legends like Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso with softly sung and strummed odes to life, but the context is entirely flipped from what we all expect from Brazilian artists — carefree and convivial and just looking for the next good time. Yoñlu took his own life at the age of sixteen and these songs are the ones his parents found in his absence. That shouldn't take away from the beauty of some of his work, only that there will never be more of it.

Download: Yoñlu, "I Know What It's Like"

Posted: January 26, 2009
Exclusive Freeload: Yoñlu, “I Know What It’s Like”