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Freeload: Sidechains “Remix Medley”

January 28, 2009

Between Buffetlibre's kajillion-artist covers project and Sidechains' sunrise house jam "Dr. Funk" killing it in Barcelona, we are further convinced that packing up all our crap and moving to a beach in BCN should be higher up on our "to-do" list. While we are working on la playa hawking Fanta to suntanning families, we will listen to this medley of Sidechains' remixes — basically a mini-mixtape showing off his re-jams of Madonna, Little Boots and more — and feel totally confident in our decision to ditch our extravagant, Blair Waldorf-y NY lifestyles in order to fully LIVE the FUNK.

Download: Sidechains, "Remix Medley"

Posted: January 28, 2009
Freeload: Sidechains “Remix Medley”