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Style: Adidas Launches SLVR

January 29, 2009

The date for the opening of the new adidas SLVR store has been scribbled on our wrists for the past couple of weeks now (February 13th) ever since we got a peek at the awesomely sleek, monochrome-heavy collection last year. This mini-video of the collection shot by Mark Segal is the first time we've had a look at the collection in motion, and yes, it's totally giving us sport luxe goose bumps (first dibs on the SLVR slip-ons thank you!). Read the full story on the new line from FADER 59 after the jump.

Story Eric Ducker
Photography Dietmar Busse

When I was seventeen I bought my first and only piece of clothing dominated by a brand logo: a white T-shirt with a proud blue Adidas emblem on the front. One time I wore it when I went to see my grandfather the socialist in the hospital and he made me feel like a total jerk because of it. Over the following years, clothing makers and clothing buyers have not mirrored my restraint. As logo and color treatments have become bigger and gaudier, it’s made being both a fan of sportswear and a wearer of sportswear kind of impossible for me. Thankfully, my beloved Adidas is launching their new SLVR line, fashionably not only eliminating the vowels, but also pushing towards a more refined look. Sharp fitted windbreakers and eye-popping orange slip-on sneakers find the perfect casual/spiffy balance that sends The Satorialist reaching for his camera. SLVR’s white/black/grey base palette and simplified design bring a sophistication that you somehow just can’t get from a purple and turquoise camouflage XXXXXL hoodie. It’s a great understatement.

Posted: January 29, 2009
Style: Adidas Launches SLVR