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Video: Wild Yaks, “Tomahawk” + New Songs

January 29, 2009

In one of his many novel-length mass email updates, Wild Yaks' Rob Bryn wrote, "Men singing, that's totally beautiful. To the point where now I sometimes feel funny when I watch a band with only one singer I wonder, don't those other guys believe in what this song is about? How come they're not all singing it?" And he's right. Why aren't we all drunkenly singing everything we believe in? Actually the answer to that is that we're not backed by what sounds like a younger E Street Band, but we like the general idea anyway. Wild Yaks just put new versions of the songs we've come to know and love on their MySpace page. They're a little more polished but no less awesome. Go there and listen, go here and download their exclusive song from our 7-inch series and then go see the band live at Glasslands tonight.

Audio: Wild Yaks EP + Videos

Posted: January 29, 2009
Video: Wild Yaks, “Tomahawk” + New Songs