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FADER TV presents Sundance Selects: Big Fan

February 02, 2009

Rob Siegel has a dream career. The former comedy writer left his position as editor-in-chief at The Onion to explore the more serious side of life. In doing so, he was responsible for what might be the best film ever made in the state of New Jersey, The Wrestler, as well as the best use of Guns N' Roses in a movie soundtrack. Is there an Academy Award for that? The Wrestler is still in our hearts and minds, but new things are on the horizon for Siegel. Big Fan stars Patton Oswalt as a deeply obsessed New York Giants fan who gets beaten up by his favorite player. Set in various strip clubs, sports bars, and mothers' homes on Staten Island, the film evokes the same classless grit that we loved so much in The Wrestler, and Patton Oswalt is kind of like a young Mickey Rourke with more back fat.

In our final episode of Sundance Selects, we caught up with Robert Siegel himself, relaxing at the hotel pool in Park City.

Posted: February 02, 2009
FADER TV presents Sundance Selects: Big Fan