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Super Bowl Commercials Terrible, Lil Wayne Still Awesome

February 02, 2009

Last night was one of the more heartwrenching Super Bowls, opened by a lip-syncing Jennifer Hudson, silent Sully Sullenberger, pocket Petraeus, split by snack-hater Springsteen and peppered with a ton of bad commercials (we're looking you, Danica Patrick and Talking Flowers). But our memory of it remains fairly golden since we popped Wayne and Young Money's new mixtape on the hi-fi every time we sensed something suspicious. We ended up listening to it three times the whole way through, incidentally, and it held up pretty well. Even this Pharrell track that is making its way around separately stayed okay, probably because P clearly had his verse written by one of the unsung heroes of rap, Fam-Lay.

Download: Lil Wayne f. Pharrell, "Ay Man"

Download: Lil Wayne, Hottest Nigga Under the Sun Mixtape

Super Bowl Commercials Terrible, Lil Wayne Still Awesome