Video/Gen F: Trai’D, “Sex Pill”

February 02, 2009

"That’s real life situations...when you keep it real and your fans can say, I actually did that or I actually been through that, then they like, Damn this is some real ass shit. They relate to it and therefore they love it. If you was around me late at night, you’ll see what it is, I mean, the freaks come out at night. " This is what Trai'D told us about "Sex Pill" and man, can we ever relate. After the jump, you can read more real talk in Felipe Delerme's Gen F on Trai'D from FADER 58.


Trai’D spreads Dallas love

Story Felipe Delerme
Photography Tom Pennington

On his MySpace page, Trai’D proclaims that his single “Gutta Chick” is “THE HARDEST LOVE SONG YOU EVER HEARD.” But it wasn’t love that gave “Gutta Chick,” or “Gutta Bitch” in its uncensored form, its first fans. After recording its first incarnation in his bedroom over an instrumental from Mississippi producer Dough Boi that he’d found somewhere during his internet travels, Trai’D passed the song to friend, and Definition DJs member, Lil Lex for its earliest field test. “I brought it to him one day at a party,” Trai’D says by phone from his home in Dallas. “He spun the record and all the girls started fighting and everyone was like, Goddamn, who the hell is that?” On “Gutta Bitch,” over sprightly layered synth and supernatural chimes, Trai’D barks, Don’t do beefing with me/ She’ll say you beefing with her/ Broads who be brawling with me/ Bitch, she’ll be beatin you up! Soon enough the 18-year-old became the latest mouthpiece for thug love.

Already drawing comparisons to chitlin’ circuit juggernaut Lil Boosie, Trai’D’s voice is similarly high pitched, but he raps with a mouth full of bullets. It’s a flow much closer to fellow Dallas native, and admitted influence, Big Tuck. It’s also the direct opposite of his calculated interview persona. During our conversation he pauses to think through his answers, peppering his speech with radio-ready jargon like, “It’s going down,” and “We finna do it real big!” But he has aspirations beyond 97.9 FM The Beat, and like Dallas artists young and old, he’s looking to be the national face of the city. “I’m in Summer Jam and I’m kicking it with [Tuck’s crew] D.S.R. and it’s almost like there’s something wrong with this picture,” he says. “I always thought they was gon put Dallas on the map, so for me to possibly be that person, is crazy.”

Though he’s just ending his teenage years, Trai’D’s music showcases a humility beyond his age. On the chorus of “X Pill” he delivers what sounds like his attempt at a Travis Tritt impression over appropriately bluesy strings and a spongy baseline. When he sings, I’m much too young to be drinking, but I’m drinkinnnnng/ I’m much young to be doin what I doo-oooo, it isn’t a boast about premature life experiences, it’s teenage guilt. And like all guilt, it usually ends in submission. The song’s chorus finishes with, But when she called me talking bout that X pillll/I knew I haaaad to fall throughhhhhh.

Video/Gen F: Trai’D, “Sex Pill”