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Deconstructing Beezy, Part Two: “Gucci Bandana” Controversy

February 04, 2009

Since the release of Soulja Boy's latest album ¡SouljaBoyTellem on December 18th, we have been grappling with it on nearly every level imaginable: production, rapping, singing, videos, art direction, etc. This series, Deconstructing Beezy, is our attempt to come to terms and hopefully peacefully coexist with 2009's most perplexing album.

Part Two

We'd intended to move on to another aspect of ¡SouljaBoyTellem with Part Two, but the fervor over an apparent mistake in Part One necessitated sticking with "Gucci Bandana."

It seems we made the mistake not of mishearing a lyric but trying to save time by posting a stream of what appears to be a corrected version of the song that appears on the promotional copy that inspired the post. We're now posting both side by side, and to our ears, it still sounds like "goodbye" on the promo. Does that make us right? Probably. Does it make the whole thing more interesting. Definitely. Did someone at Collipark Music/Interscope actually take the time to ¡SouljaBoyTellem and suggest the correction? If so, what version appears on the retail? Are we totally deaf? If so, does anyone have a good ear doctor?

Soulja Boy f. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo, "Gucci Bandana (Original)"

Soulja Boy f. Gucci Mane & Shawty Lo, "Gucci Bandana (Good Night Remix)"

Coming Soon: Part Three… Donk Swag

Deconstructing Beezy, Part Two: “Gucci Bandana” Controversy