NEW STYLE COLUMN: Staff Affections

February 04, 2009

Every Wednesday, The FADER Style team will ask employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we start with smart staffers at New York City's I Heart, Zachary's Smile and Sweet Tater.

L-R: Lover black ruffle dress, Zachary's Smile Moroccan pants

Jesse Sposato, I Heart, NYC

“We have this amazing black ruffle dress by Lover from their Love Bomb Collection for Fall/Winter '08. It's the perfect party dress, good to wear with heels or boots. It would be a really great present to get (hint, hint) and right now it’s fifty percent off.”

Abby Hantel, Zachary’s Smile, NYC

“This week I'm totally obsessed with the Moroccan pants from the Zachary's Smile White Label. They give a new look to the harem pant because they're 100% silk, making it easy to dress up or down. I love to dress them down with a vintage Prince and the New Revolution tee, vintage sandals and an antique gold belt.”

Christina Kornilakis, Sweet Tater, NYC

“My favorite piece in the store right now is the Wool Safari Sleeve Tunic, particularly in the evergreen color. This is a staple piece for wearers of our collection and it's actually the third time we've made this particular tunic. It was first made in wool for Fall '06, then in cotton the following Spring, and because it was one of the best selling pieces in the collection, we’ve brought it back again. We made it in three colors this season and the evergreen is so unique in color and texture that it's become a fast fave. It has a very easygoing-yet-tailored sexy vibe.”

Posted: February 04, 2009
NEW STYLE COLUMN: Staff Affections