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Thrintage: American Way Thrift

February 05, 2009

Every other Thursday, FADER style contributor Bethany Cosentino crosses boroughs, counties and states to find us fine thrifted and vintage pieces on the cheap for her column, Thrintage (get it?). This week she traveled to Burbank, California to check out American Way Thrift. Read her thoughts and peep the steals after the jump.

To some, Burbank, California is billed as the “media capital of the world,” but to me it’s known as the home of one of my favorite thrift stores, American Way Thrift. Located on Magnolia Boulevard, American Way is in the middle of Burbank’s trendiest vintage block and steps away from the Warner Brothers, Universal, and NBC complexes. Its location makes it a source for designer pieces– Christian Dior and Comme Des Garçons to name a few– and other classic vintage items that can be found strewn amongst the typical thrift fare and while most of the time things seem to be a bit out of order at American Way, with patience and a good eye you can dig up some cheap gems.

Depending on when you go, the store may appear to be picked over by local “thrintagers” but you can always count on an abundance of dresses. I never walk away without a great new dress to add to my collection, whether it be a nineties baby doll or a Batik-print ground sweeper, I usually get lucky. Sweaters and jackets are typically easy to catch as well, like this amazing Picasso zip-up windbreaker that I found. The denim section was coveting a pair of high-waisted back zipper stretch jeans, one of my best finds of the day at only $8.95.

Aside from clothing, there is an incredible selection of scarves, purses, shoes, and hats to search through. I managed to find an incredible neon colored scarf that’s large enough to also wear as a shawl, a straw hat to keep me pumped for those soon to come long summer days, and an incredibly rare and seriously vintage sixties floral swim cap– an item that sells for over forty dollars on eBay and I paid only $3.95 for.

In the end I walked away with two large trash bags full of new finds and I didn’t spend more than fifty bucks. Plus, if you spend over twenty dollars you get 50% off anything in the store for your next Sunday afternoon venture. It’s like being rewarded for thriftiness!

American Way is located at 3226 W Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA. Open seven days a week, Credit Cards accepted.

Posted: February 05, 2009
Thrintage: American Way Thrift