Stylee Fridays: Moon Spoon Saloon at Copenhagen Fashion Week

February 06, 2009

There are lots of international designers that we've communicated with over the years but, alas, few that we've been able to meet in the flesh. Popping over to Copenhagen Fashion Week gives us a chance to catch up with some of the Danish designer we ride for on their home turf (Wood Wood, Henrik Vibskov, Soulland, Stine Goya...the list goes on! And Henrik Vibskov the big one tonight!) but also unearth some new ones too. Moon Spoon Saloon is a label we'd only really ever experience digitally (we're very thankful for all those far-faraway designers who embrace the internet!) so seeing their show in a romantic, glass-covered auditorium for the first time was pretty magically. The space is usually a school hall, and quite fittingly there were a line of eagerly little girls in brightly colored headbands peeping their heads over the balcony (Danish kids get an education in fashion very early on, obviously). In fact the show had an air of child's play about it--with huge building blocks on set and models trooping around in giant papier maché hats like old-school wooden toy marching soldiers. Speaking after the show, artist Tal R--one part of the design trio behind the line--explained that they'd taken a trip to Russia to source old military uniforms, deconstructed them and photographing the pieces undone. "Military uniforms used to be magnificent because potentially they could be the last thing a soldier wore. We wanted to re-create that last march," he says. The results weren't actually half as macabre as all that, although there was a little demonic flirtations-- some firey red ensembles and stark black and white makeup for example. The emphasis though seemed to be on fun and play just as in seasons past, and it definitely looks like the MSS crew have fun during their avant garde-making session. The best part was spotting old-season MSS outfits in the crowd, like super oversized knits and suede dresses in primary colors. Just goes to show, the Danes just have a knack for making walking a little on the wild side totally wearable.

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Stylee Fridays
Posted: February 06, 2009
Stylee Fridays: Moon Spoon Saloon at Copenhagen Fashion Week