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Freeload: Smitty f. Hunt, “Talk Rap”

February 09, 2009

We admire a man of simplicity. Take Smitty, for example, who on this song raps, "See me? I eat sleep shit and talk rap," a declaration of hip-hop monasticism that probably doesn't include the beard scratchery and factoidation of obsesso rap nerds. He namedrops Issey Miyake. To maintain such sophisticated taste, he must Live Rap in order to stay on his "scrilla shit." He also brags, we're almost certain, "swag like Ben Stiller." The beat sounds like the neon runners glowing from the foot of your donk. Doesn't it seem like "Diamonds on My Neck" was rocking the club like yesterday? But no, that was back when Hype Wlliams was having his split screen phase. Welcome back Smitty!

Download: Smitty f. Hunt, "Talk Rap"

Posted: February 09, 2009
Freeload: Smitty f. Hunt, “Talk Rap”