Freeload: Rainbow Arabia Demos

February 13, 2009

Rainbow Arabia always seemed like a super dubious band name. Not for any specific reason but the token "place we are not from" thing sits on the fuzzy fence of kosher/unkosher, though it ends up being a little more corny than cultural tourist. But they are not mired in ouds and double reeded flutes and are instead practicing the distinctly Californian practice of having too much weeded time and a bunch of keyboards laying around. These two new demos, "Little Boys" (sick) and "Holiday in Congo" (kinda low budg, definitely not Congolese, still jamming) are from an upcoming EP out late spring.

Download: Rainbow Arabia, "Holiday in Congo"

Download: Rainbow Arabia, "Little Boys"

Posted: February 13, 2009
Freeload: Rainbow Arabia Demos