Freeload: Emynd and Young Chris “We Don’t Give A …” EP

February 18, 2009

Here goes that new Young Chris album, y'all. JUST KIDDING, this is not the new Young Chris album. But if it was, would it be late or early? We can't even be sure, but projects like this are just enough to pacify us until we get that full length. This EP happens to be the masterwork of Cross Faded Bacon's Emynd, who produced the original "We Don't Give A …" using a method all but unheard of in rap today: he and Chris were in the studio at the same time! For the EP he called up a Fantastic Four of remixers (Eli, Cousin Cole, Ayres and Nadastrom), who all unravel the Philly club of the original to give it their own charmingly disruptive turns. Sample Eli's remix and download the bunch below.

Young Chris, "We Don't Give A ... (DJ Eli Remix)"

Download: Emynd and Young Chris "We Don't Give A …" EP

Posted: February 18, 2009
Freeload: Emynd and Young Chris “We Don’t Give A …” EP