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Video/Freeload: B.O.B, “Generation Lost/We Are The Robots”

February 18, 2009

Apparently, young B.O.B. has been doing some serious soul searching. He came through FADER HQ not not too long ago and played a bunch of songs that didn't sound anything like "Generation Lost", or anything else we'd heard from him really. We like this song. It would have been nice to tell him that. At this point, his album's also been pushed back so much that we get the feeling he's keeping the jams close to the vest. Another song he didn't play is "We Are The Robots," (probably because it isn't his). And at the risk of playing into the heavily abused 3 Stacks comparison, the song sounds like it could have come from ATLiens 2009. Actually, we have a request for B.O.B. and Playboy Tre: make ATLiens 2009. Thanks.

Download: Playboy Tre f. B.O.B., "We Are The Robots"

Posted: February 18, 2009
Video/Freeload: B.O.B, “Generation Lost/We Are The Robots”