Freeload: A Gang of Dum Dum Girls

February 19, 2009

NYC's Blank Dogs, who we recently featured in the magazine, teamed up with LA's Dum Dum Girls, who we've recently become enamored with, to collaborate as The Mayfair Set. Gorilla Vs. Bear has two songs from an upcoming 7-inch on Captured Tracks, and they're both packed full of the same ominous fuzz surrounding much of Blank Dogs' music. The female vocals cut through the admittedly awesome murk though to create cleaner, sunnier surf pop, which, if that's something you're into, also comes through on DDG's own stuff. We've got a bunch of songs from both projects below and feel pretty comfortable saying that we highly anticipate anything coming from Captured. Considering all these folks' prolific track record, there's a good chance they will have released like five awesome albums by the time we get home tonight.

Download: Dum Dum Girls, "Yours Alone"

Download: Dum Dum Girls, "Catholicked"

Download: The Mayfair Set, "Desert Fun"

Download: The Mayfair Set, "Already Warm"

Freeload: A Gang of Dum Dum Girls