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Style TV: Patrik Ervell F/W ‘09

February 23, 2009

Even if menswear designer Patrik Ervell wasn’t being featured in F60 (which he is) and even if he weren’t an old friend of mine (which he is), I’d still be excited to attend his runway show every season. He makes impeccable, forward-thinking menswear and his shows are always a beautifully-staged affair. This season he upped his game with finely-tailored suits and jackets partnered with nearly-transparent hoodies, space-age fake fur derived from real fur (we still haven’t figured out how that works, but it doesn’t hurt or bum out the animals, apparently), and — surprise! — a woman walking the runway. The luminous show was almost inspiring enough to make me forget that I was single on Valentines day. Almost.
-T Cole Rachel

Posted: February 23, 2009
Style TV: Patrik Ervell F/W ‘09