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Freeload: Harmonic 313 Mix

February 24, 2009

You know a new day is dawning when beards trade in their Vetiver albums for dubstep radio rips and stuff like Flying Lotus. Harmonic 313 aka Sydney, Australia's Mark Pritchard whipped up this mix to promote his new When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence LP coming out March 3rd on Warp, and it will certainly sate that same crowd with a bunch of pan-heavy, sloppy vibery. After getting over the Donkey Kong insanity that starts it off we fully settled into the crater in the FADER couch and zoned out for a solid two hours. Then we got fired. Then we got rehired at a lower salary. But hey at least we have the music! Check for Harmonic 313 at Deviation with BBC1 Xtra's Benji B the day after his album drops, play a video game on his website to get an unreleased track, and check the mix's tracklist after the jump.

Download: Harmonic 313 Mix

1 Harmonic 313 lab ident – Harmonic 313 – Warp records

2 Battle valley – (Harmonic 313 edit) – Jeroen tel & Christian Huus – 1989 Vibrants

3 Motherfuckeeeeer – Slugabed – Stuff Records

4 Cyclotron – Harmonic 313 – Warp records

5 Ab – original – Flying Lotus - Cdr

6 Polkadot Blues – Hudson Mohawke – Warp records

7 Fort teen – Dorian Concept – Kindred Spirits

8 No way out (remix) – Harmonic 313 – Warp records

9 Konotakosuke – Dizz 1 – Cdr

10 Shangrila – Floating point - Cdr

11 Music Substitute System – Harmonic 313 – Warp records

12 Zappity Zip Zip - Danny breaks – Alphabet Zoo records

13 Dilla beat - Jaydee

14 Dutty – Harmonic 313 – Warp records

15 Battlestar feat Phat kat and Elzhi (Remix clean) – Warp records

Posted: February 24, 2009
Freeload: Harmonic 313 Mix