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Kanye West Finally Gets To Be On VH1 Storytellers

March 02, 2009

When Kanye released Graduation he had a listening party with his favorite snacks, including stale popcorn (pretty gross) and this alcoholic blueberry milkshake thing (not as bad as it sounds). The album was awesome, we had a great time, and then he got up on stage and told a bunch of stories for awhile. It was cool, kind of weird and unexpected, and the whole time all we could think was If only Kanye had a forum to play a bunch of songs and then talk about himself for as long as he wanted. Finally, VH1 Storytellers saw fit to give him the opportunity. Go here to catch clips from Saturday's episode, and download a collection of live audio from the performance below. After that, go to sleep for a bunch of years, wake up in 2020, fly to Vegas and catch Kanye doing this exact thing at his residency at the Palms.

PS- Enjoy the mudflap in this video because Kanye got a haircut.

Download: Kanye West Audio from VH1 Storytellers (Via Kanye Live)

Posted: March 02, 2009
Kanye West Finally Gets To Be On VH1 Storytellers