RCRD LBL Freeload: I.U.D., “911”

March 02, 2009

Holy shit have we actually not written about I.U.D.'s new record on the internet yet? To amend that, we're going to let you know that RCRD LBL has a download of "911," which is awesome, but is more awesome within the context of the entire album. Until the full listening experience is possible (March 24th on Social Registry), read Julianne Shepherd's review from FADER 60 below.

I.U.D. The Proper Sex (Social Registry)

This album is the perfect audio companion to I.U.D. co-drummer goddess Lizzi Bougatsos’ art pieces: feminist, controlled chaos that is abstract, urgent and, somewhere among its decoupage of lady double drumming and stalagmite noise loops, is a total analogue to a cosmic day-glo penis krazy glued onto a yield sign. If you were one of the people who thought the Muppets weren’t creepy enough, Bougatsos and Sadie Laska sound like puppet cave demons reluctantly headed for exorcism, howling and barking and biting on snarly looped-metal jams like “Girls Just Wanna (Time to Have Sex).” I find a lot of mean noise albums untenable, but when I first got this I actually listened to it four times in a row. Sounds like wildebeest ladies having crazy fun and maybe making odes to intelligent horror movies, or maybe I’m basing the fun part on the titles: “Monk Hummer” and “Glo Balls” are immediately entering my slangxicon. What do they mean? Whatever you want them to. JES

Posted: March 02, 2009
RCRD LBL Freeload: I.U.D., “911”