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Freeload: KD & H.A.M., “Luv It”

March 03, 2009

In internet time we're already like three or four YEARS late on this, but far more disturbing than our tardiness is the lack of attention the song has gotten since Blvd St. premiered it some two weeks ago. As the latest stars of Alabama's Got Talent, Birmingham's KD and H.A.M. try on flows like fancy clothes over a B-Phlat spaceship rattler, each verse outclassing the last. The chorus is as formidable as it is inspirational. KD, or "The Playa Prezident" if his myspace is to be believed, just dropped a mixtape with DJ Burn One himself, and if "Luv It" isn't enough to convince you, there's a tribute to Pimp C song called "Bitchez, Weed, & Money."

Download: KD & H.A.M., "Luv It"

Posted: March 03, 2009
Freeload: KD & H.A.M., “Luv It”