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Video: Hockey, “Too Fake”

March 03, 2009

On any given day James Murphy's inclusion on a song would mean OH SHIT POP GOLD or it could just mean that dude stopped by the studio on his lunchbreak and added in some cowbell. No word yet on how heavy his involvement with Hockey (formerly Hockey Night) is, but if "Too Fake" is anything to go on, his fingerprints will be all over the album. Could Hockey stand in for the sorely missed Rapture? Do we even want them to? Will we mention the Rapture any more times today?

EDIT: WE GOT THE WRONG BAND! SORRY HOCKEY AND HOCKEY NIGHT, WE STILL LIKE BOTH OF YOU. Our thoughts minus the James Murphy parts still stand.

Posted: March 03, 2009
Video: Hockey, “Too Fake”