Freeload: Here We Go Magic, “Fangela”

March 04, 2009

Not to be mean or anything but shouldn't this not be as good as it is? It's basically just a muffled recording of a guy and a guitar and a couple of percussion things— sounds like woodblocks or handclaps. Oh, there's the keyboard, too. But isn't that, like, every band? Hmm. But maybe that is why America's Next Top Model is cool and that Bravo version just is not going to cut it. Not everything needs to succeed. Thankfully, Here We Go Magic has figured out how to go hard at being soft. Never has anything been more woozily pretty. Did anyone tell NPR about this song? This is every All Things Considered bumper. In a good way.

UPDATE: Looks like someone did tell NPR about Here We Go Magic. Great minds or whatever.

Download: Here We Go Magic, "Fangela"

Posted: March 04, 2009
Freeload: Here We Go Magic, “Fangela”