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Style: Staff Affections

March 04, 2009

Every Wednesday, The FADER Style team asks employees and employers at our favorite shops around the world what their most cherished in-store item is at that exact moment. This week, we talked with smart staffers at London's Beyond the Valley and New York City's Pixie Market.

Eran Leon, Beyond the Valley, London
It’s no secret that most days in London consist of pouring rain and streets full of brollys (umbrellas); and today isn't any different. So, to add a bit of color and the illusion of summer, I've chosen this hand-tailored, Boxing Jacket By Beyond the Valley for Spring/Summer 09. The bright, fruit print merges images of sliced apples with multi-colored patterns on this hooded piece. This over-the-top eighties (in a good way) jacket just cheers me up straight away.

Megan Lavery, Pixie Market, NYC
My favorite piece in the store this week is the Sophie Hulme charcoal Grey button-up jumpsuit. The sequins on the front and back are hand-sewn over the yoke and on top of the pocket flaps. The jumper has long sleeves that look awesome rolled up, giving it a more edgy look. It's so seasonal and easy to wear I don't think you need much accessorizing, just a great pair of chunky wedges.

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Staff Affections
Posted: March 04, 2009
Style: Staff Affections