Freeload/Stream: 77Klash + Miss Banks + Drop The Lime Megapost

March 06, 2009

Last time we posted about Miss Bank$, we were hoping 77Klash would link her up with some properly tweaked beats, and email has answered our prayers. "P-U-S-S-Y" is Miss Banks over Klash's Skully riddim (the same he went over for "Caroline," which is on a FADER 7-inch and easily downloadable). It is possible this song is entirely too raw for a girl who we think is still in high school. Should we even be allowed to listen to this? Is Trina her mom? Either way, she definitely says "the weed is smelling like shampoo." We can't print any of the other lyrics. Klash is working on a Skully riddim comp and has a slew of folks planned.

Klash also sent over his new song "Dangerous Nights" from a different EP he has coming out. Drop The Lime produced this it and brings them both solidly pointed in the half direction between weirdo British people with face piercings and serious weed habits that are obsessed with reggae and dancehall and the people in NY and LA (and on the internet) that like to stay out really really late in dark clubs hitting themselves in the face because the bass is too deep. Majorly deep. Check out a stream of that song below and download the Miss Bank$'s filthiness.

Download: Miss Bank$, "P-U-S-S-Y"

Stream: Drop The Lime f. 77Klash, "Dangerous Nights"

Freeload/Stream: 77Klash + Miss Banks + Drop The Lime Megapost