Audio: Shogun Kunitoki’s Vinonaamakasio LP

March 09, 2009

Helsinki, Finland's Shogun Kunitoki make the kind of psych epics that can purge your brain clean of all negativity. We have listened to their last album Tasankokaiku every three months for the last couple of years as a sort of mental master cleanse, sweeping away the psychic junk accrued over several hundred subway rides, a nearly bounced rent check, many hangovers, arguments, break-ups and witnessed muggings in New York City. We could always fall back on Purple Haze, ARE Weapons or some other specifically New York nihilism but have found that Shogun's Scandinavian analog synth crush lifts us out of the morass in a way that our fellow citizens cannot.

Fortunately for us, they have a new album that is just as good for this as Tasankokaiku is, and you can preview the whole thing until Wednesday when it goes on sale in Finland. A week later you can buy it wherever you are via the Fonal shop. And as if the music were not enough to squash your brains, Fonal has made a very special picture vinyl version with "two animation loops that can be viewed using [the] magical Shogun Kunitoki strobe light." Awesome. Is weed legal yet? Let's get on that in the next week. Listen to the new album, Vinonaamakasio, through the link below, watch the video for "Riddarholmen" directed by Sami Sänpäkkilä above, and check the strobe kit construction video after the jump.

Stream: Shogun Kunitoki's Vinonaamakasio LP

Posted: March 09, 2009
Audio: Shogun Kunitoki’s Vinonaamakasio LP