Freeload: The White Rainbow Summer Boogie Breezers Mixtape

March 17, 2009

We don't usually expect such tightly focused songs with actual drum beats from Portland's White Rainbow, but there's a lot of that on this mix. Here's the rundown from dude himself. We will tell you now that it is much better than he makes it seem and also that we plan on using this mix as a soundtrack to our next killer hacky sack session.

"This is a mixtape of unfinished/weird/fucked/bad/boring/bangin'/terrible-use-of-MIDI-presets/cool-idea-that-goes-on-too-long tracks made between 2007-2008. lots of electronic beats and synths. this is definitely in a more upbeat/summer/pop/rave/hip hop/flange vibe than most of my more 'serious' musics. but sometimes i gotta get the led out!
i sold it out the trunk as a CDr on tour of california with white fang and rob walmart in summer 2008. made about 20 copies, sold out."

Download:White Rainbow, Summber Boogie Breezers

Posted: March 17, 2009
Freeload: The White Rainbow Summer Boogie Breezers Mixtape