Video/Q+A: Kidz In The Hall, “I Got It Made (09)”

March 18, 2009

The phrase "hipster rapper" gets thrown around far too often these days but Kidz In The Hall, who have felt the term's wrath as much as any, couldn't even tell us what it means. "I think it's 'cause they saw me wear red jeans once," says the duo's production half Double O. The Kidz just released a video for their remake of "I Got It Made" as the first artists in Reebok's "Classic Remix" collection. We caught up with Double O to ask him how the collaboration came about.

So is this a Kidz In The Hall song or a Reebok ad?

Basically Reebok reached out to us because they wanted us to be the brand ambassadors for their new Reebok Remix collection. They had the idea to do remixes of tracks that went on to become classics that were out at the time of these sneakers they're bringing back. So we ended up going with "I Got It Made" because...

You got it made?

Well, not yet... It's funny cause if you never saw the [original] video and you listen to the song, you're like Damn, this dude is doing everything! But then if you watch the video, none of it was about him having it made. This fool was just standing there in like a junkyard, with his boys... Everything was almost still a dream. So I feel like it's a dope juxtaposition for us because as much as we can do the red carpet, BET, MTV, all of that, it's still regular life for us cause we're still on the cusp and we haven't blown yet.

But life looks kind of good in the video.

Well, when I'm going hard, I could be out every single night, otherwise I'm out two or three nights a week at least. That's just part of it for us. Getting out there, pressing flesh, meeting people, that's just what we do. If I'm doing it here, Knowledge is doing it in Chicago, or we do it whenever we go back and forth. We are the graduates of the college party scene. Whereas everybody was rolling around with the red cups and all of that, we just stepped it up a notch. We're still out, but now its the club, its not always the house, sometimes its still house party stuff, but now its the club, maybe the lounge...

What do you think when you think of Reeboks and how does that apply to y'all?

For us, stylewise, its about making those things that can last. Reebok's been around for a long time, and we all had...whether it be the Classics, the Pumps, 54.11's, they've become iconic. And now, because we're so stuck on reminiscing on the past, its a great time to reintroduce these shoes because some silhouettes stay around forever. A dope shoe is a dope shoe and I think that Reebok classics, whichever ones that you actually claim are the "classics"—'cause theres actually a few different silhouettes—that's kind of the stuff that you stick to. It's an interesting time because, it's not about basketball players anymore. When I grew up it was all about basketball players. So now that it's about celebrity in general, or rather, the individual, I think that's the most important thing. You can go and customize almost anything now so the only thing that's important is your individual style.

Video/Q+A: Kidz In The Hall, “I Got It Made (09)”