Freeload: Carivibe 2009 Prep Kit

March 20, 2009

It's no secret that we've been hankering for warmer times (and tunes) pretty much since winter began, and now we have the tune half of the equation in the form two soca mixes from Ebony and Ivory Entertainment. The mixes are designed to help gear up for Carivibe 2009, Ottawa's premiere Caribbean celebration, they are also designed for Friday morning office parties.

Download: CARIVIBE 2009 presents GROOVY SOCA 2009 (HIGH OF DE MUSIC) Mixed by MACE (E&I)

Download: CARIVIBE 2009 presents SOCA HEAT 2009 (HANDS IN DE AIR) Mixed by MACE (E&I)


Rum & Roti - Patch feat. Mastamind

Make It Yours - Shurwayne Winchester feat. Maxi Priest

Fly Away - Machel Montano feat. Collie Buddz

Dat Girl - Verse

I Wanna Make Love - Shurwayne Winchester

Touch Meh Up - Sanelle Dempster

Jouvert Jam - Ms Alysha feat. Michelle Sylvester

Obama - Third Bass

We Like It - Iwer George feat. Ziggy Rankin

Head Bad - Skinny Fabulous

Bashment Winers - Lil Rick

Tight - Peter Ram

Drop It - Alison Hinds

Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (Soca Remix) - Beyonce

Frontline - TC

Ah Bottle Ah Rum - Alison Hinds feat. Hunter, Peter Ram

Not Missing Me - Krosfyah feat. Edwin Yearwood

Bum Bum Ville - Shal Marshall

Bigg Girrllzz - Biggie Irie

2 Days (Remix) - Kerwin Du Bois feat. Baba Shanta

Hold You Down - Zan

This Feeling - Kes The Band

Wuk Me - Tizzy

Bumperlicious - Olatunji

Bumpers - Devon Matthews feat. Ziggy Rankin

I'm Not Drunk - KMC

Belly Dancer - Farmer Nappy

Wine Up On Me - Zoelah

Thunder - Kes The Band

Put Me Out - Kerwin Du Bois

Out On De Road (Remix) - Zan feat. Machel Montano

Heavy T - Fay Ann Lyons (T&T 2009 Groovy Soca Monarch, International
Power Soca Monarch, Road March)

Banana - Bunji Garlin

Hold Meh - Lil' Bits

Bumpers - Nadia Batson

Sexy Boo - Trini Jacobs

Plenty Gyal - Bunji Garlin feat. Beenie Man

Give It Up - 3 Suns

Tanty Say - Benjai feat. Scarface

We Done Dey - Bunji Garlin

Bom Bom - JW & Blaze

Winin' Master - Pamputie

Wine Faster - Fay Ann Lyons feat. Beenie Man

Thunder (Remix) - Kes The Band feat. Mr. Vegas

Obsessive Winers - Destra Garcia feat. Alison Hinds, Denise Belfon

Drunk Again - Benjai

Hangover - Slammer Cutter

Scoobay - Screw

La La - Devon Matthews feat. Lord Nelson


Sassiness - Destra

Chinee Dance - Sean Caruth

Get On Bad - Skinny Fabulous

Ole - Ricky T

Floor On Fire - Machel Montano, Lil Jon, Pitbull

Won't Stop - Machel Montano

Matador - Mr. Slaughter

Section - 3rd Bass feat. Olatunji

I Will - KMC

Again - Super Jigga TC

Ready - Iwer George

Jumpie - Blazer Dan

Licks - Denise Belfon

Bacchanal - Destra

Meet Superblue (2009 T&T Road March) - Fay Ann Lyons (T&T 2009 Groovy
Soca Monarch, International Power Soca Monarch, Road March)

Wild Antz - Machel Montano HD

Champions - Nadia Batson

Bam Bam - Roboman

Head On Bad - Skinny Fabulous

Sway In De Mas - Patrice Roberts

Ravin' - Machel Montano

De Guard - Stabby

Jab Jab - Mista Vybe

We Own - Kes

Clear De Road - Bunji Garlin

Pace - Slammer Cutter

We Ready Now - Gregory Ayungen

Tusty - Blaxx

You - Shurwayne Winchester

Whole Day - Benjai

Line Up - Bunji Garlin

Magic Drum - Machel Montano HD

Posted: March 20, 2009
Freeload: Carivibe 2009 Prep Kit