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Style: In the Design Studio with Cody of Priestess

March 23, 2009

Studio visits are always a bit of an adventure, mostly because we're nerdy busybodies when it comes to seeing how designers work. Cody of NY-based women's wear line Priestess was putting the finishing touches on a couple of cropped and studded woolen jackers for Björk when we showed up at his space last week. As well as nosing around for inspiration boards (gorgeous pouty lips and painted ladies definitely seem to be having a moment in Cody's world right now) we also found sawn-off plastic limbs, ornamental rubber blowish and boxes and boxes of his signature puffy necklaces and bracelets, the kind of space-age accessories you want to bundle on ten pieces at a time.

The Central Saint Martins School graduate is three seasons deep into his line and first caught our attention with his structured denim pencil skirts. First and foremost though, it's Cody's endless circle of feisty female friends that play muse to the line, he likes to entertain with corn muffins and cocktails in the basement of his West Village studio just as much as he loves dreaming up Mickey Mouse-print short shorts in the same space. That might be why his clothes have an eternal vibe of fun times about them, whether its slinky '70s-inspired cocktail dress fun times or bubblegum pink onesie fun times. And even as Cody flips through his fall '09 samples in beautifully grown up uptown girl fabrications, the spirit of playful party girls is still embedded into every last button.

Posted: March 23, 2009
Style: In the Design Studio with Cody of Priestess