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Freeload: Dead Prez, “Stimulus Plan”

April 01, 2009

Back in FADER #6, when we followed Dead Prez to South Africa to perform the very first hip-hop shows there, M-1 said, "Our problem is simpler than we think. The problem is that there is an imposition against the lives of free thinking and free living humanity. The answer is to give the resources back to the poeople. The resource of humanity. The resource of open and free thought. Given the opportunity, we would all be revolutionaries, because we would all side with humanity." Dude, do these guys write speeches for Obama now? Sure sounds like it! (that would be insane actually) This new song produced by Green Lantern, from the forthcoming Pulse of the People, might not have the same venom they had nine years ago when we did the story, but at least the sentiments haven't changed.

Download: Dead Prez, "Stimulus Plan" (via nahright)

Posted: April 01, 2009
Freeload: Dead Prez, “Stimulus Plan”