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Freeload: Flashing Lights Mix v. 3

April 01, 2009

We cannot recall how many times the members of the Flashing Lights triumvirate—Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee and DJ Ayres—have individually housed us with impeccably selected dance jams* until we are facedown on the dancefloor then someone puts our hand in water so we pee. TOO MANY TIMES, LET'S DO IT AGAIN. This Friday, their Brooklyn monthly hosts DJ Lindsey (so many FADER alumni!) plus the live, real-life United States debut of Kitsuné wunderkind LaRoux! To prep you for the dance-off and assist you in physical endurance building, they have crafted this excellent mix of big-room jammers. Watch out for Jubilee's bass bombs in the middle, that Blackfinger track plus an impromptu goofyfoot Stanky Legg just made us trip over a mail crate.

* techno, house, other raver delectables

Download: Flashing Lights Mix v. 3

Freeload: Flashing Lights Mix v. 3