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Freeload: Meanderthals, “Kunst Or Ars”

April 03, 2009

Apparently Norway's Rune Lindbaek and London's Idjut Boys formed a soft rock group. There are steel drums and huge clouds of misty echo to cut through on "Kunst Or Ars," the opening track to next month's Desire Lines on Smalltown Supersound. What's happening in Europe? Do you think minimal techno fans have gotten to a point where they are over tininess and want something tender yet expansive? Like going to the expensive mattress store and trying everything out, being polite to the salespeople and feeling the way the different pressures nestle your back and neck. They don't want to sleep on a plump futon anymore. The days are dark enough. Meanderthals soothe.

Download: Meanderthals, "Kunst Or Ars"

Posted: April 03, 2009
Freeload: Meanderthals, “Kunst Or Ars”