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Freeload: Cold Pumas, “Jela”

April 06, 2009

The problem with Ponytail is that Ewok vocal business. It doesn't make sense. We watched them play this summer from behind the stage, PA pointed out into the open air away from us and it sounded better. Brit (and FADER contributor) Scott Wright writes that Brighton's Cold Pumas remind him of a sort of UK Ponytail, Baltimore transposed over the ocean. But the first vocals we hear are light moaning. The rest, maybe he's onto something. If you were like us in 1996 you really liked Unwound. Something's gotta fill that void. Or, actually, maybe it doesn't, times change and voids become nice erosions. But everyone likes a good song, right?

Download: Cold Pumas, "Jela"

Posted: April 06, 2009
Freeload: Cold Pumas, “Jela”