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Freeload: Crystal Stilts—Daytrotter Sessions

April 08, 2009

To be perfectly honest, we saw the singer for Crystal Stilts on the subway with a pretty girl last week. They looked like a good match—tight jeans, tight tights, all black with a little red. It's weird to see people on the subway—weirder than seeing people in traffic for those of you not taking the subway on the regular basis—because you're in the same space, same air, same interminable submarine voyage from work to home and back again. Seeing people messes up your trip. So you look and then you pretend not to and then you're on the train for ten minutes and now you're just regular not looking until they get off a stop before you. Wonder where they're going. Probably some place cool when you're just going home. Anyway, Crystal Stilts went by the Daytrotter studio and recorded some good songs.

Download: Crystal Stilts: Daytrotter Sessions

Posted: April 08, 2009
Freeload: Crystal Stilts—Daytrotter Sessions