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Freeload: Rich Boy x Pacc Man Mixtape

April 08, 2009

Say you're Rich Boy. You've released a series of hot singles, have a near classic album (yeah, we said it) already on the shelf, and your most recent single "Drop" is way more awesome than anyone expected. What do you do? Apparently you release a mixtape totally blanketed in weed carriers! Sounds like a disaster right? Luckily Rich Boy has a tendency to stick to what he does best: slow, ominous and spare songs with his ridiculously thick accent barreling through any beat thrown his way. Sure, we could do with a tiny bit less Supa Villain and Al Myte, and yeah most of these songs wormed their way onto the internet over the last couple months and were, uh, less than impressive, but taken as a whole they become a part of Rich Boy's world, where cars are monsters and even second string rappers get their chance to shine.

Download: Rich Boy, Pacc Man Mixtape (Via Nah Right)

Posted: April 08, 2009
Freeload: Rich Boy x Pacc Man Mixtape